This face-to-face professional learning experience increases knowledge and understanding of mental health and mental disorders while preparing educators to implement the Guide in their classroom. Modules are reviewed focusing on the underlining concepts and understanding required to confidently deliver the materials to students.

The learning session can be delivered in one day by a Guide or Core Trainer. Trainers build capacity in their jurisdictions (e.g. regions, boards, districts) for ongoing professional learning. They are trained either over a two-day period as Guide Trainers, or a three-day period as Core Trainers (see below for details).

Some of the many benefits of Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide Professional Learning include:

  • Provides educators with evidence-based tools to address mental health literacy in the classroom
  • Increases mental health literacy of the educator through learning how to implement the resource
  • Demonstrates better classroom outcomes associated with trained implementation

Typical in-person learning sessions on the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide Resource

  • One full day (8:30 am – 3:30 pm) or a half day if Go To Educator training was previously attended
  • 10-20 participants with some back ground in mental health care
  • Participants will need web ready devices
  • Held at a site with Wi-Fi access for all participants

Please note that this course is also available online through the University of Britisth Columbia.  Feel free to register at:

For more information on learning opportunities and associated costs please contact us at:  [email protected]