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The Elementary Mental Health Literacy Resource (EMHLR) is the first of its kind classroom-ready resource designed for classroom teachers* to teach students in grades 4-6 about mental health. 

Lesson plans include engaging core concept videos, student activities and options for diverse settings and learners. The EMHLR materials support in-person, online and hybrid model delivery.  

*Refers to all facilitators delivering this resource 

To assist you with implementing the EMHLR, we have designed a number of steps to help guide you through the resource:

Step 1:  Download the resource and read through the Introduction and Background information, as well as the 6 Modules to familiarize yourself with the foundational concepts, rationale and components of the EMHLR

Step 2: Read Book 1: Core Concepts for Educators prior to teaching the modules

Step 3: Watch the classroom demonstration video example

Step 4: Teach the 6 modules in sequence

Step 5: Have fun! (the most important step)

Remember:  This link allows you to access all the components of the EMHLR, which support the three classroom delivery formats. These include lesson plans, digital or printable student activity sheets, slide decks, videos, etc.